Pseudomaro aenigmaticus Denis, 1966
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P. aenigmaticus


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Thaler 1991a

p. 166-167, f. 7

Wien, Resselpark (Bezirk Wien IV)

48.19835N / 16.37126E (Wien IV, Karlsplatz)

pitfall traps; urban park area, ca. 180 m a.s.l.

1 female,


Baert & van Keer 1991

p. 5

Corphalie site along the River Meuse, in front of Tihange nuclear plant (municip. Antheit)

50.53075N / 5.26401E (Tihange)

pitfall traps; 3 females: sparsely vegetated sandy soil at the foot of the southerly exposed vertical wall (2 ff); Buxus stand at the top of the cliff, border of chalk grassland (1 f)

3 females 1989:
1f 22.IX.-6.X.89,
2 ff 20.X.-3.XI.89 (1 in Buxus)

Bara unpubl.


Nismes (Tiene Bieumont)

UTM FR 104485,
50.07477N / 4.54817E

mesobrometum meadow (pelouse mesoxérophile)

1 female IV.1983

Denis 1966b

p. 1-7, f. 1-9

castle near Barbencon

50.21992N / 4.27985E (Barbencon)

cellar of the castle

1 female 25.II.1961

Janssen 1995

p. 7-10

'Fort van Eben-Emael' (province Liège/Luik)

UTM FS 83;
50.79436N / 5.66661E (Eben-Emael)

pitfall traps, #"mergelplateau, vrij steile naar het oosten gerichte helling"

1 female 24.V.-28.VI.1992

Janssen 1997


Waterschei (prov. Limburg), former mining area

UTM FS 75, 50.99729N / 5.52336E (Waterschei)

pitfall traps, #different habitats

13 females, 1993-1995#:
2 ff IV, 2 ff V, 1 f VIII, 2 ff IX, 2 ff X, 3 ff XI, 1 f XII

Janssen 2000


Zolder (prov. Limburg), former coal mine area

UTM FS 65, 51.02289N / 5.31325E (Zolder)

pitfall traps, open grassland (1 f), roccky ground with few herbs (2 ff), 150 m a.s.l.

3 females, 1 f 16.IX.-10.X.1998, 2 ff 31.X.-28.XI.1998


Fei & Gao 1996

p. 248, f. C-D







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numbers, phenology

Germany - Baden-Württemberg

Rose 1993 unpubl.


Quarry 'Merkle', E of Gerhausen nvirons of Blaubeuren, county Ulm,

TK 7524 (German map system 1:25.000 - used for all German and N-Swiss records);
GK R3561,02, H5362,41;
48.3974N / 9.8241E

#alte, mit Fichten, Weiden etc. bestandene Abraumhalde, ziemlich humid und schattig, sehr lückiger Boden mit relativ starkem Moosbewuchs, sehr wenig Humus

2 females, X.1992-18.III.1993

Germany - Bavaria

Bauchhenss & Scholl 1985

pp. 4, 6, 13

Valley of river Main, county of Hassberge/Unterfranken;
vineyard Steinbach-West between Ziegelanger and Steinbach

TK 6029;
GK 4401,8R / 5541,1 H;
#50.00N / 10.63E;

ca. 300 m a.s.l.; pitfall trap;
fallow land, former vine yard

1 female:

Thaler & Plachter 1983

p. 251, f. 1-2 (f)

Vierkammerloch near Oberau

TK 7036;
Gauss-Krüger (GK): R4487,130 / H5421,160;
48.9287N / 11.8243E

cave (total length 30 m); 400 m a.s.l.

4 females:
1f 6.III.1975,
1f 11.V.1980,
2ff 18.IV.1981

Germany - Hesse

Malten 2000

pp. 44, A38, A43

Frankfurt am Main, area at the main railway station

TK 5917,
#50.06136N / 8.53177E (Kelsterbach/Hessen)

#fallow area (HB 1), meadow-like, #in Verbuschung begriffen

1 female #1997/1998



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numbers, phenology

Germany - Lower Saxony

Balkenhol et al. 1991

pp. 154-155


TK 3714,
52.27577N / 8.04823E (Osnabrück)

20 year old limestone quarry

2 females,
IV.-X.1988 (#details?)

Germany - NRW (North-Rhine-Westphalia)

Cüpper in press


Bergehalde Adolf, Herzogenrath-Merkstein, N of Aachen

TK 5102,
50.88334N / 6.10155E (Herzogenrath-Merkstein)

Berghalde# pitfall traps & sweepnet, reines karbonisches Schiefergestein; vor 20-30 Jahren mit Birken und Erlen begrünt; Teilbereiche ruderal. Ps. ae auf der gesamten Berghalde, bevorzugt in den lichteren Westhängen, zum Teil ohne Bodenbewuchs und auch zum Teil ohne Streuauflage, aber nicht in den besonders dicht bewachsenen Bereichen

47 females #1991/92

Kern 1991



TK 5202,
50.77799N / 6.08812E (Aachen)


#1990/91 ?

Kreuels unpubl.


'Alte Höhle' near Hemer# (4712)

TK 4512, 4612, 4712, # #
51.38073N / 7.76737E (Hemer)



Ross-Nickoll 2000

pp. 6, 8., 29, 73, tab. A38

City of Aachen, Schillerstraße am Bahndamm

TK 5202,
50. 76094N / 6.08229E

oak and ash wood on ballast at the railway embakement ("BaDa5")

1 female,

Germany - Thuringia

von Broen in Malt et al. 1998

p. 76

Ilfeld, Bandesbachtal

TK25 4430, 51.57863N / 10.78771E (Ilfeld)

Malaise-trap, #Bachufer und Wiese

1 female,

Eckert & Moritz 1998


Watergallery, Schweina, S of Eisenach, Thuringia

TK 5128,
50.82189N / 10.33957E

cave in Zechstone-reeflimestone #Zechstein-Riffkalk#, 260 m a.s.l.

2 males, 1 female,



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geographical data


numbers, phenology


Brignoli 1971d (sub Lepthyphantes sanctibenedicti

p. 159, f. 37-39

Lazio - Roma - Grotta dell'Arco, Bellegra, 5 La, tav. Subiaco

41.88226N / 13.02768E (Bellegra/Roma)


1 female, 12.III.1964

Brignoli 1979o (sub P. sanctibenedicti )

p. 28 & 30, f. 68-69

same like Brignoli 1971d

same like Brignoli 1971d


3 females, 10.III.1973

Thaler 1991a

p. 166-167, f. 7

Südtirol, Algund 400 m near Meran, #auf flachem Schuttkegel

46.67910N 11.13804E (Algund)

orchard, 407 m a.s.l.

1 female,



p. 607

# there must be a locality, see:

49.8N, 6.1N




Starega 1996

p. 341-342

Upper Silesia, near Zabrze (Z.-)

CA 37 (2A),
CA 47 (4A, 5A);
50.32360N / 18.78880E (Zabrze)

2A = Z.-Maciejow (10 y. old #Halde);
4A = Z.-Rokitnica (20 y. old #);
5A = Z.-Biskupice (20 y. old #)

7. May - 22. Oct. / 1980-1982, only females #(how many?, details?)#



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geographical data


numbers, phenology


Blandenier & Fürst 1998


Changins (Canton Vaud/Waadt)

46.402N / 6.233E

Suction trap in 12 m height in an agricultural landscape, ballooning spider; 440 m a.s.l.

1 female, 18.-25.XI.1994
(details after Hänggi 1998)

Blick et al. 1998


Lange Erlen (Canton Basel-Stadt)

R3396 / H5272;
TK 8411 (German system);
# 47,58N / 7,62E

5 pitfall traps on a meadow in an urban park area, #Kiesschotter-Schicht 10 cm under the meadow, 260 m a.s.l.

2 females, 12.IV-19.IV.1996

Blick & Luka unpubl.


same like Blick et al. 1998

same like Blick et al. (1998)

same like Blick et al. 1998

36 females:
8 ff 1.-31.I.98;
7 ff 1.-28.II.98;
21 ff 1.-31.III.98;

Hänggi et al. unpubl.


Basel-Rosenthal, Nordtangente Rampe Horburg (Canton Basel-Stadt)

UTM ED 50 32, TK 8411 (German system), GK R3394,5/H5271,6, 47.575N / 7.598E

pitfall traps, planted/overgrown roof, 80% open gravel, 255 m

1 male / 2 females:
1 m / 1 f 5.-17.V.2000,
1 f 18.-31.V. 2000

Heer & Flückiger 1995

p. 25

Rickenbach (Canton Solothurn), "Solothurner Jura"

TK 8613 (German system)
47.34011N / 7.85608E (Rickenbach/SO)

Window-trap (#Fensterfalle) on a spruce in 12 m height at a forest border, 590 m a.s.l.

1 female

Moretti unpubl.


Ticino, #

# provisionally:
46.15N / 8.7E

# 560 m a.s.l.

#1 male / 5 females:
4 ff ?#-14.XI.1999,
1 m/1 f 29.XI.-11.XII.1999



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geographical data


numbers, phenology


Powell 1993a, 1993b


Redbourne, Hertfordshire

UK grid system: TL106131
(#not found by
#provisionally 51.8N/ 0.5W

pitfall traps, fields of winter wheat, soil type Batcombe; 110 m a.s.l.

2 females:
1f 13.XII.1988,
1f 13.XI.1990

Smithers unpubl.


Penlee Point, a small peninsula in east Cornwall

50.31872N / 4.19105W

sweep net sample from the field layer amongst gorse bushes close to a path in the woodland, deciduous woodland that ran to the cliff edge, with patches of scrub interspersed amongst it

1 female

Snazell 1978

p. 251, f. 1-6 (f)

Lyscombe Hill, Dorset

50.77835N / 2.71119W

pitfall traps, steep south facing slope of chalk grassland

2 females:
1f 10.XI.-1.XII.1976,
1f 19.X.-10.XII.1977

Thomas unpubl.


Chilbolton Observatory, Leckford, Hampshire

51.1417N / 1.4333W

Collected by pooter with other ballooning spiders from a barbed-wire fence adjacent to a grass field (temporary 2 year ley) in agricultural land. Some chalk grassland on steep slopes nearby

1 female, 15.X.1989

Many thanks to these colleagues for additional information:
Léon Baert, Elisabeth Bauchhenß, Robert Bosmans, Stephan Brenneisen, Bernd Cüpper, Domir DeBakker, Rolf Eckert,
Ambros Hänggi, Xaver Heer, Marc Janssen, Marco Moretti, Manfred Moritz, Werner Rose, Martina Roß-Nickoll, Peter Smithers,
Ro Snazell, Aloys Staudt, Konrad Thaler, George Thomas (to be continued)

P. aenigmaticus